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Editor for Closed Captions in Storyline

Closed Captions Editor for Storyline is a HTML5 editor that I built after having to constantly open and publish storyline projects requiring CC in one or two languages. Why? : Most projects I work on have 50 slides or more. … Continue reading

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Adding an HTML menu to Articulate Storyline

Run Demo: This deals with adding a HTML CSS3 Jquery menu to a Articulate Storyline eLearning project (Flash version Storyline 1) The example has only 5 pages only. (the other 41 pages would also work if you added them) Click image to … Continue reading

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Jquery Timeline range control (like Flash, Storyline, Recording Software)

myRangeSlider Jquery Plugin A horizontally or vertically Timeline Range Slider. These type of range sliders can be found in timeline animation programs like Flash and Storyline. Range Slider are also used extensively in audio recording programs to display audio wave … Continue reading

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