Editor for Closed Captions in Storyline

Close Captions StorylineClosed Captions Editor for Storyline is a HTML5 editor that I built after having to constantly open and publish storyline projects requiring CC in one or two languages.

Why? : Most projects I work on have 50 slides or more. Every time someone made a narration or closed caption change I had to find the slide then the closed captions textbox layer to make the edits. This process had to be repeated for the second storyline translation version.

Close Caption editor builds a single HTML page to display CC in one or two languages.

You need IE11 installed in Windows to run the editor. The outputted HTML will display in any supported Storyline browser. (HTML5 in Chrome, Flash in others).

Note : Windows Edge Browser forgot to add Undo for its right-click context menu. This is why the program uses the MS WebBrowser control that falls back to IE11 engine which is included in Windows 10.

The only downside is the Storyline quirk that doesn’t refresh the web object after editing content in it’s folder. You must rename the folder you put the Closed_Caption.html into and also reload the web object on the master page with the renamed folder. However, I still saves hours now using this program.

Minimum requirements: Windows 8.1 or 10
Internet Explorer 10 or higher.

This program is not free ($39.95) You can try it out on the following web page.
The trail example does not save your file.

Editor examplehttp://robbiestewart.ca/store/

Storyline : http://robbiestewart.ca/store/CCstoryline1/story.html



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